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Technical Details of blueshell Active Tables

System requirements


The current version for ActiveX (Visual Basic 5+6 and others):

Download bAtTM.exe
(Version 3.00.0013, 1.49 MB; 2004-09-19 )

blueshell Active Tables for .NET (includes ActiveX release as well):

Download bAtNET.exe
(Version 3.00.0009, 2.29 MB; 2003-12-23 )




Only major modifications are reported.

Version 3.00.0009

Version 3.00.0006

Version 3.00.0005


Version 3.00.0004

Version 3.00.0003

Version 3.00.0002

Version 3.00.0001

Version 3.00.0000

Version 2.02.0004

Version 2.02.0003

Version 2.02.0002

Version 2.02.0000

Version 2.01.0021

Version 2.01.0020

Version 2.01.0018

Version 2.01.0017

Version 2.01.0016

Version 2.01.0014

Version 2.01.0013

Version 2.01.0012

Version 2.01.0011

Version 2.01.0010

Version 2.01.0009

Version 2.01.0007

Version 2.01.0006



When I'm trying to log in using the Pubs example I'm always getting a "18456" error.
This is not a problem of bAt, it is a little bug with SQL Server 7. If your account has an empty password (like "pubs" initially has), you will get a "18456" error along with the login dialog of the ADO provider.
It doesn't work
Mail to service@blueshell.com and we will help you!
I need a language other than English or German
Mail to service@blueshell.com and we will help you - no extra charges!

Hot Info

If you want to get mailed about new versions, simply send an (empty) mail to batmail@blueshell.com!