blueshellAt2 Library

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The blueshellAt2 library (also called bAt) contains the blueshell Active Tables controls. Its filename is bAt2.ocx.

blueshell Active Tables are designed to connect Visual Basic to various databases like Oracle, MS SQL Server, Jet and more. With a few entries, you may design your database client using the new ADO technology. You may build table grids and table forms as well. Using blueshell Active Tables you can develop reliable and easy-to-use database applications.

blueshell Active Tables are currently build with Microsoft Visual Basic 6, Service Pack 5. If you don't have that product, you may use an other, providing you have installed ADO 2.1 (or higher) and the VB6 runtimes. These components are available from various sources for free. If you have difficulties with that, let us know.

2Forms.gif (16230 Byte)

Fig. 1: Two Forms, each covered by an atb control.

Advantages of blueshell Active Tables

Note that the .NET features requires blueshell Active Tables for .NET. See the bAt homepage at for details.