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InfoHarry's Access Tools - What's it?

If you work with Access 2.0 and write your programs in Access Basic then you may have the following problems (and not only them) :

Example 1.

You have changed something in the Module1, but haven’t compiled the module of Form2, because it wasn’t interesting and seamed not important for your new version. Modul1's compiling was successful; you gave your Access application to your customer who rans Form2 and - what's yet? A compiler error!!! HAT can help you to avoid this situation: you are able to compile all your modules and procedures together. It means that you can be sure that your changing yields neither new mistakes nor terrible surprises. You indeed can feel you more optimistic!

Example 2.

You want to to perform a search of your form - but it doesn’t work? You can use our Viewers to know more about your Access objects. The Viewers give you all the names, properties and collections, records, fields, forms and subforms, controls etc. You can debug with more pleasure.

You may really trust on HAT!

Example 3.

You are going to update, read, edit or write the StatusBarTexts in the large software product with a lot of forms and subforms. This work is not interesting, is it? But you must do it as quick as possible. So, you can make HAT to do it good, quickly and not be frustrated by this specific job. What’s important: you can select the language for statusbars too.

All these problems are not new for everybody, that makes Access software professionally and not professionally.

That's why we are glad to know that you are able to use our product and it brings you more success.

How can you use this software?

There are five "tool buttons" in the header of HAT's main form and you may select and push all of them.

Press [F1] to get to HAT's Online Help.

And what's about the legal stuff?

Well, this software is released as freeware on Christmas 1997. You may use it as is without any payment at your own risk. Copyright by Harry von Borstel, Germany. All rights reserved..