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Modules & CompilationModules and Compilation

Here you may use three main functions.

Compile all modules

You may compile all modules using the first button Compile all modules. You can be sure that all your modules are free from compiling errors if you have got no error messages yet.

Close all modules, forms and reports

If any module is not free from compiling error (this information is presented by Access Basic compiler), you must correct these errors. But it means that after it  you have to close these modules yourself. For this purpose you can push the second button Close all modules forms and reports.

Then it's possible to compile your modules once more to be sure that all compiling errors are absent yet.

Open all modules

If you want you may push the button Open all modules. All forms and reports with modules that belongs to each of form and report will be opened. You may close them by just pushing the button Close all modules, forms and reports.