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There are two buttons in this form. You can select any of them.

Edit StatusBarTextsStatusBarTexts

If you are going to select the button EditStatusBarTexts you need only know that with this button you may supply the standard StatusBarText for standard controls like cmdOK, cmdCancel, cmdHelp, cmdClose.

You may define new standard controls as necessary.

HAT allows you to write this standard texts in StatusBarTexts in your native languages too. Today the texts exist only in English and German in our table, but you may add the translation of these functions in other languages too. But please use the next button, first.

LanguagesEdit Languages

You may even set up a new language to use in HAT. If you push Edit Languages, you may add your language in the table that you have opened with this button. Then you may write StatusBarTexts in this language using the button EditStatusBarTexts.